Gucci Mania?

We are currently experiencing a stylistic revolution!

Boosted for a few years by fashion designer Alessandro Michele, the fashion world is pulsing under her creations, and it does not lack creativity!

The latter is constantly in surprise, astonishment. It is very prolific in the universe made of chimeras, mix of style and imprint unlikely, and it works very well!

From the end of the parade, during which we live a great moment of VIP reunion, all gratin editorialists fashionistas of the blogosphere, we are shocked, stunned!

The last show for the AW 2018 collection left the guests of such an event (in my opinion the most expected of the Milan fashion week) in a total shock, so much so that nobody knew when get up and go, the parade (short and intense) finished!

You will find below the link to impregnate:


Here is an article of Grazia from September 2016 by Tom Raynaud-Lacroze:

Street style fashion week: these girls who wear (with style) Gucci



The fashion week’s ball continues with the start of the Milan fashion week. The opportunity for Grazia to come back on all these girls who wear Gucci at the end of the parades.

Fashion Week in Milan requires, the writing of Grazia honors an Italian brand and not just any: the house Gucci. The Florentine label which has imposed its style since its creation in 1921, has become today, thanks to the impulse of its leader Alessandro Michele, an obsession. The opportunity for Grazia to take stock of the girls who wear Gucci at the end of the parades.

Iconic models that seduce
Since the arrival of Alessandro Michele, a new era is underway at Gucci and the pieces devised by the latter have already become iconic. This is how we see in street style flower mules Princetown, declined to infinity, with or without fur, black, red, gold, with patches, patterns or united. Even an obsession for bags with an omnipresent Dionysus bag, also customizable.

Special mention for the new mini Gucci Ghost bag, with tag-inspired designs by New York street artist Gucci Ghost. Some even dare to wear the total Gucci look like Anna Dello Russo which sports a voluminous multi-colored dress or two influencers that appear in Gucci day pajamas printed. One thing is certain, Alessandro Michele has not finished making emulators and it is not his last phantasmagorical parade that will tell us otherwise. ”

Wait and see Gucci!

The Birkin bag from Maison Hermès: a sure bet

Why crack on a Hermes bag? (And paying it cheaper through a deposit-sale?): The good tip

The Hermès House, historic on the Faubourg Saint Honore, (everyone knows this building surmounted by a promontory decorated with two crazy horses in a horse-drawn carriage), knew through time find a renewal in the creation of leather accessories, responding Not only to the modern postwar woman, but also to the ultra elitist side conferred by the requisite quality of clothing.

Thus we find, rather than articles of cavalry and luggage, luxury bags that well chosen icons have represented, even incarnate so much the object that they have left their name as imprint.

Below is the illustration of Grace Kelly, for which a practical, stylish, sturdy and durable bag has been designed, while being a symbol of the latest chic.

sac kelly grace kelly hermes

sac birkin hermes

Let’s not forget also the famous bag Birkin, which experienced in the 90s a dazzling advent, carried by the controversial actress Jane Birkin.

The Hermès House is full of many models, each season and each trend highlighting one rather than the other.

birkin croco bag hermes second hand depot vente luxe

A short explanatory synopsis will allow us to differentiate them, because it is not easy to do it at first glance, or if you are a novice in the field:

difference between kelly and birkin

A new trend that stands out for two years, the return of the Constance bag, which evolved in 2 generations, the first one allowing only a short shoulder, the flap closing by a brass H by its central bar, the second with Longer shoulder strap, even more sports, with brass buckle or lacquered!

Let us not forget the variety of models of the House, sometimes more intimate and less “seen” …

all hermes bags

The bags you see in the photos below all come from a selection that DVL was able to offer to its customers, in its store or online exclusively.

sacs hermes depot vente luxe

Should we only invest in the bag?

But it’s not only the bags that will tell you … indeed, jewelery fantasy or haute joaillerie henceforth, signed by Pierre Hardy, silk squares, tableware and home, unusual or exclusive objects … All these coins are also investments.

For lovers of beautiful things and collectors, DVL has a vast offer of collector squares, rare jewelry, even vintage also, and some unusual objects that entertain us … and that never lose value over time … at a price more than attractive, you will see on our site

Here is a selection of what we propose:

jewells hermes depot vente luxe

The accessory can do everything indeed. Of a simple outfit, the square of silk can embellish the whole. Yes, but! How to get to its ends with a square? Because there are many ways to do this. In the smartphone application of the Maison Hermès, relative to the silk squares, everything is explained (knot tie d’Hermès on Iphone).

Here is a small video montage summarizing what to do with your scarves:

A little reading on this Loren fashion blog to complete this little quick training, before passing master of the squares !:

What do the financiers say?

What to answer his spouse when you want to crack on a bag Hermes? We have the parade! What better than to legitimize, by a carefully chosen article of press, this purchase of envy? The magazine Elle USA brings us the answer on a plateau, on the verge of scientific demonstration! Here is an expert:

The Hermès Birkin handbag is the most exclusive purse in the world. And if you can somehow get your hands on one, it turns out it’s not a bad way to spend your money: A new study found that purchasing a Birkin is a less risky investment than buying gold or entering the stock market.

To be clear, the study was conducted by Baghunter, a website that sells luxury handbags, so it’s obviously not coming from an unbiased source. But it’s still a fascinating look at the Birkin’s constantly high demand in a world full of fickle shoppers.

Researchers compared the S&P 500, gold, and Birkin bags to see how their value changed over the past 35 years. The stock market had a return of a nominal average of 11.66 percent, with a real return average of 8.65 percent; gold had an average annual return of 1.9 percent, with a real return average of -1.5 percent. And those numbers assume that you don’t buy or sell within that 35-year time period.

Birkin bags, on the other hand, increased in value by 14.2 percent over the same period. Gold and stocks can be volatile, increasing and decreasing in value all the time, but the Birkin bag only became more and more valuable over the 35 years. The value really shot up in 2001, when it increased in value by 25 percent, but every year has shown an uptick. And just last year, a Birkin bag was sold at auction for a record price of $223,000.

Why is the bag so valuable? Because it’s scarce. There’s a years-long waiting list for a new Birkin, and that has led to a booming resale market. Fortune reports that you can get them repaired for life, which means you can pass them down to children and grandchildren—or you could just sell one on eBay for as much as six figures.

Plus, despite a sluggish economy over the last decade, the highest of the high end is doing just fine. “There is a difference between luxury and ultra-luxury,” Baghunter founder Evelyn Fox told Luxury Daily. “While the luxury market suffers during worse economic times, the ultra-luxury market is impervious to economic factors that can affect other industries, such as high-street retail and stock markets.”

No more reason to deprive yourself!

Yes, but at what cost?

Very good question, at the price of the second hand of course! But not anywhere! Indeed, the market was completely despoiled by the arrival of direct mail, and created an inflation of the normal resale of these products. After a few years a little ubuesques, where one could see any price of equal quality, the rating of the bag, to the last sales Drouot, returned to normal.

At DVL, we have always strived to keep our feet on the ground, by applying reasonable resale prices (count 5000/6000 a Birkin and 4000/5000 a Kelly last generation) with a strength of proposition rarely due to the Rarity of the product.

Be careful though because I talked about generations of products. A Vintage bag will not be the same in the same way, hence the importance of finding itself in the nomenclature of the Hermès House, which has developed a temporal signage.

Here is a table of correspondence, which will allow you to better situate yourself, and above all to better understand the market value of your future jewel:

years of hermes bags

Here! All you have to do is go online to your treasure hunt, to remind you what we offer you throughout the year, with for indication bag Birkin 2007 6500 €, bag Kelly 2012 5400 €:

hermes bags second hand depot vente luxe


What are the sure values for a real fashionista?

What Are The Must Have Bags?

This question is vast, given the extremely fluctuating trends, the internationalization of customers, and therefore the demand, and especially the parades, successful or not …

But as a general rule there are certain values which, it seems, have the capacity to transcend time and tendencies.

In an article in Elle Mag, the recommendations are simple. I leave you to take notice:

6 Handbags Worth Investing In
Classics that are worth the wait list.
The fashion world often talks about ‘investment pieces’, the things that will supposedly see you through a lifetime of wardrobe changes and style crises.

The one place where that certainly holds true? A handbag. A well-chosen one really can last you forever, and even become a valuable heirloom to be passed down in the family.

Here, we round up the bags that are really worth pumping your hard-earned, hard-saved money into—six classics you’ll have for life.

  1. Céline Box Bag

Ever since Phoebe Philo took the reins at Céline in 2008, everything from the brand elicits an immediate want-need-now feeling.

Philo and Céline’s former head of accessories Johnny Coca—now creative director at Mulberry— created a plethora of instant ‘it bags’, but none more so than the beautifully minimalistic Box Bag.

It debuted in 2011 and is an update on a much-loved bag from the Céline archives. The most notable changes from the original are the clasp, a simple rectangular gold clasp replaces the horse-and-carriage metal clasp that represented the brand’s former logo, and the flap has been lengthened.

The perfect size for an everyday bag, it fits all your essentials and can be worn cross-body, as a clutch or as a shoulder bag.

Available every season in a variety of colors and leathers, it comes in two sizes, small and medium, and retails from $3,900 up.


celine luggage bag

    2.  Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Meet the ultimate investment bag.

Not to be confused with the brand’s 2.55 bag (the iconic bag designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955) the Classic Flap is Karl Lagefeld’s contemporary take on Coco’s original 2.55, but has become just as, if not more, iconic as its predecessor.

What are the differences? The Classic Flap has the iconic interlocking CCs clasp and chain strap interwoven with leather, while the 2.55 has a rectangular ‘Mademoiselle’ clasp and all metal strap.

Available in four sizes—small, medium/large, jumbo and maxi—buying the Classic Flap is one of the most reliable investments you could make. Proof? Baghunter reports that since 2010 the value of the bag has increased by an incredible 70 per cent.

$4,700 will get you the small in classic black ‘caviar’ leather, while you’ll need to stretch your budget to just over $6,000 for the maxi.

 3. Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag
The Lady Dior was created in 1994 with the sole purpose of becoming a classic—succeeding with the help of Princess Diana.
Originally named ‘chouchou’ (French for ‘favorite’), it was given it’s current moniker as a tribute to the princess (who was known as Lady Diana Spencer before her marriage) in 1996 after she fell in love with it. She faithfully carried it for years.

It’s key attributes are its ‘cannage’ topstitching, described by Dior as ‘a network of lines stitched vertically and diagonally create a precise harmony from which cushions of quilted leather emerge like a scattering of shimmering, faceted diamonds’, and it’s D,I,O,R charms, which hang from the top handle.

Available in a variety of colours and fabrics each season (it’s also worth scouring eBay for vintage models), and in mini, standard and large sizes, prices start at $2,950 for the smallest.

      4.  Hermes Kelly bag
You probably expected to see the iconic Hermes Birkin on this list—and that would indeed be justified. But we think the French fashion house’s Kelly style is in fact the true investment bag.

The Kelly hasn’t enjoyed quite the level of overexposure as its label-mate, meaning its altogether more understated look and cleaner lines seems as fresh today as they did in the 1930s, when it was first created.

Known initially as the Sac à dépêches, it was renamed the Kelly in homage to Grace Kelly, a life-long fan of the style who famously used it to shield her first pregnancy from the ever-present paparazzi.

Each bag takes artisans up to 25 hours to create, making it (unfortunately) as hard to get hold of as a Birkin. Prices start around $8, 400, but a Kelly (or Birkin) is a proven investment, it will only increase in value thanks to its exclusivity and rareness.

sac classique timeless

      5. Prada Saffiano Bag
Better known as the Saffiano Lux bag, this bag is named after the leather from which it’s made, first created and patented by Mario Prada, founder of the brand and grandfather of its current Creative Director Miuccia Prada.

The heat-treated leather is embossed with a cross-hatch pattern that increases durability, scratch-resistance, and water-resistance.

Loved for its roomy interior and simple, suitable-for-work design, it has become a true classic over the last decade.

Available in a variety of sizes, starting at $1, 290.

 6. Fendi Peekaboo Bag
Though the Peekaboo debuted in 2009, it was about five years later that its popularity really peaked.

Named after the childhood game, the Peekaboo’s defining feature is its easy-to-open and close side ‘pouch’, secured by a central clasp at the top of the bag, that allows you to quickly access all your essentials without having to delve around in its roomy inner compartment.

Said pouch often has a statement lining that ‘peeks’ through when the clasp is left undone.

Designed by Fendi’s Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld and available in micro, mini, regular and large, prices start at $1, 550.

fendi peekaboo

JUN 18, 2016

Here is a short summary in pictures

Why should we buy a Chanel Bag?

Why should we buy a Chanel bag?

According to us, DVL, we must invest smartly in fashion. There are pieces that never go out of fashion, timeless styles (as Coco Chanel repeated, “Fashion is always out of style, style never”), and the Chanel bag is a fundamental basis of wardrobe.

The Chanel bag is a sure bet. For a fortnight. Continuously in the midst of a stylistic revolution, offering new models that fit into fashion standards, the Chanel accessory is an emblem of any fashionita. Existing in many different versions, from qualities of leather to exotic, from rare or embroidered pieces, each woman can find herself in a Chanel model.

Particularly, the Classic Timeless bag. This bag has seen its price climb by more than 100%, propelling it from the 80’s from a benchmark price of 180 € to more than 4000 € now. You can imagine the added value!

More than a social reference, it is a fashion icon. In an article in Elle Mag USA, here is how we perceive this financial investment:

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Meet the ultimate investment bag.

Not to be confused with the brand’s 2.55 bag (the iconic bag designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955) the Classic Flap is Karl Lagefeld’s contemporary take on Coco’s original 2.55, but has become just as, if not more, iconic as its predecessor.

What are the differences? The Classic Flap has the iconic interlocking CCs clasp and chain strap interwoven with leather, while the 2.55 has a rectangular ‘Mademoiselle’ clasp and all metal strap.

Available in four sizes—small, medium/large, jumbo and maxi—buying the Classic Flap is one of the most reliable investments you could make. Proof? Baghunter reports that since 2010 the value of the bag has increased by an incredible 70 per cent.

$4,700 will get you the small in classic black ‘caviar’ leather, while you’ll need to stretch your budget to just over $6,000 for the maxi.


With an experience of more than 20 years, we have seen this notoriety grow. And its rating too!

We allow every woman to be able to accede to this dream, while keeping the spirit of what the second hand, resistant to the sirens of the resales between girlfriends, that made this quotation grow, which for us, seems to us abusive.

Thus we propose the classic at a reasonable price, 2000 € is the average observed for the resale of the average size.

We do not stop at a single model, the Boy also comes here in special edition Paris Dubai, and in shagreen !:

The story of success

It is no coincidence that the Chanel accessories have become icons of French and international fashion. Every woman in the world has one day been inspired by the camellia, on our site we regularly mention the news of the Maison Chanel. You can follow them by subscribing to our social networking pages, which you will find on the homepage of the site.

Thus, we realize video spots, featuring the codes of the House, embellished with all the items that we have proposed, or still propose. Our proposal strength is vast, from PAP to the smallest accessory.

Discover this video below, which explains why owning a Chanel object is the symbol of a whole story. Because for us, DVL, explain the origin and the spirit of each object allows you to better understand the intrinsic value of it. So a bag is no longer a bag, but a story all by itself.

What is a consignment store?

What is a consignment store?

It’s a new way to buy smart. Appeared late in the 90s, the system of reselling its items that no longer use began to take off.

In the past, there were the traditional sales halls, where there was a shrouded legacy, with a plethora of items, from furniture to the grandmother’s dressing gown!

More glamorous appeared stores, proposing to channel the proposals, and especially simplifying the process of sales halls. Easier to move to a store counter than to take several appointments with an auctioneer. Especially since good professionals, formerly experienced in their sector of activity, are quite able to appraise the objects.

Thus, shops have appeared, each with its own specificity, enabling individuals to resell their items with confidence. The articles proposed correspond to the seasons and the news of the fashion (for our part).

At DVL), we guarantee the regular origin of these products by contract with the depositor recorded on Police book. We give each buyer an invoice in lieu of a certificate of authenticity, and guarantee the product you buy for life.

The expertise of these products was made beforehand, before being put on sale, by our care, within the limits of our field of expertise, by also using the sworn experts of the auction rooms (Drouot, Artcurial), or even Dedicated service of Houses, when it is accessible.

We have existed for more than 20 years

Our first boutique was born in the 16th arrondissement, has grown over time, bringing together women’s ready-to-wear, bags, accessories, jewelry and watchmaking.

Our website has naturally emerged from the cast of this entity 7 years ago, has developed, turning to the international market, with an English version, offering you the best, the most current, even the most exceptional. Our notoriety has been built over time, by rigor in our selection of products, accuracy in the quotation of articles, honesty both with our depositors and our buyers.

We try to offer the best service that a Maison de Couture can offer you, in all simplicity.

shop consignment store 14 rue de la tour paris

How are prices fixed?

With the emergence of sales deposits and resale platforms between girlfriends, the cards have been turned down in the right direction. Differences, with equal produce, could be found from one trade to another.

The diffusion on the net of this trade has allowed a quick information of the consumer, more savvy, and to smooth out the somewhat wacky claims of some towards a return to a coherent market of the second hand.

A rating index has resulted, allowing a more readable reading between professionals, and above all a clear information of the consumer. A kind of argus.

At DVL, we have endeavored to maintain the price of reason in resale second hand. It was not always easy, because customers, blinded by the price of the net, did not understand why we refused, as a store, to accept unreasonable resale prices.

We have always insisted on practicing our profession in absolute price coherence. This is why you will find in store and online always products of excellent quality at a price quite affordable.

website consignment store paris

What do we offer all year round?

For those who do not know us yet, here is a small commercial spot showing you our whole commercial range:

Fashion enthusiasts

Because we do not become a sales depot without loving the Fashion (obviously it is not invented!), We have blogs of fashion on the social networks, speaking to you of all the news of the fashionsphère.

Addict du vogue, we keep it as a bible reference on the counter of our store, and to remind you of the very rich century that has just passed, here is a short summary that the Vogue USA has broadcast on the networks recently: