What is a consignment store?

What is a consignment store?

It’s a new way to buy smart. Appeared late in the 90s, the system of reselling its items that no longer use began to take off.

In the past, there were the traditional sales halls, where there was a shrouded legacy, with a plethora of items, from furniture to the grandmother’s dressing gown!

More glamorous appeared stores, proposing to channel the proposals, and especially simplifying the process of sales halls. Easier to move to a store counter than to take several appointments with an auctioneer. Especially since good professionals, formerly experienced in their sector of activity, are quite able to appraise the objects.

Thus, shops have appeared, each with its own specificity, enabling individuals to resell their items with confidence. The articles proposed correspond to the seasons and the news of the fashion (for our part).

At DVL), we guarantee the regular origin of these products by contract with the depositor recorded on Police book. We give each buyer an invoice in lieu of a certificate of authenticity, and guarantee the product you buy for life.

The expertise of these products was made beforehand, before being put on sale, by our care, within the limits of our field of expertise, by also using the sworn experts of the auction rooms (Drouot, Artcurial), or even Dedicated service of Houses, when it is accessible.

We have existed for more than 20 years

Our first boutique was born in the 16th arrondissement, has grown over time, bringing together women’s ready-to-wear, bags, accessories, jewelry and watchmaking.

Our website has naturally emerged from the cast of this entity 7 years ago, has developed, turning to the international market, with an English version, offering you the best, the most current, even the most exceptional. Our notoriety has been built over time, by rigor in our selection of products, accuracy in the quotation of articles, honesty both with our depositors and our buyers.

We try to offer the best service that a Maison de Couture can offer you, in all simplicity.

shop consignment store 14 rue de la tour paris

How are prices fixed?

With the emergence of sales deposits and resale platforms between girlfriends, the cards have been turned down in the right direction. Differences, with equal produce, could be found from one trade to another.

The diffusion on the net of this trade has allowed a quick information of the consumer, more savvy, and to smooth out the somewhat wacky claims of some towards a return to a coherent market of the second hand.

A rating index has resulted, allowing a more readable reading between professionals, and above all a clear information of the consumer. A kind of argus.

At DVL, we have endeavored to maintain the price of reason in resale second hand. It was not always easy, because customers, blinded by the price of the net, did not understand why we refused, as a store, to accept unreasonable resale prices.

We have always insisted on practicing our profession in absolute price coherence. This is why you will find in store and online always products of excellent quality at a price quite affordable.

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What do we offer all year round?

For those who do not know us yet, here is a small commercial spot showing you our whole commercial range:

Fashion enthusiasts

Because we do not become a sales depot without loving the Fashion (obviously it is not invented!), We have blogs of fashion on the social networks, speaking to you of all the news of the fashionsphère.

Addict du vogue, we keep it as a bible reference on the counter of our store, and to remind you of the very rich century that has just passed, here is a short summary that the Vogue USA has broadcast on the networks recently:


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