Gucci Mania?

We are currently experiencing a stylistic revolution!

Boosted for a few years by fashion designer Alessandro Michele, the fashion world is pulsing under her creations, and it does not lack creativity!

The latter is constantly in surprise, astonishment. It is very prolific in the universe made of chimeras, mix of style and imprint unlikely, and it works very well!

From the end of the parade, during which we live a great moment of VIP reunion, all gratin editorialists fashionistas of the blogosphere, we are shocked, stunned!

The last show for the AW 2018 collection left the guests of such an event (in my opinion the most expected of the Milan fashion week) in a total shock, so much so that nobody knew when get up and go, the parade (short and intense) finished!

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Here is an article of Grazia from September 2016 by Tom Raynaud-Lacroze:

Street style fashion week: these girls who wear (with style) Gucci



The fashion week’s ball continues with the start of the Milan fashion week. The opportunity for Grazia to come back on all these girls who wear Gucci at the end of the parades.

Fashion Week in Milan requires, the writing of Grazia honors an Italian brand and not just any: the house Gucci. The Florentine label which has imposed its style since its creation in 1921, has become today, thanks to the impulse of its leader Alessandro Michele, an obsession. The opportunity for Grazia to take stock of the girls who wear Gucci at the end of the parades.

Iconic models that seduce
Since the arrival of Alessandro Michele, a new era is underway at Gucci and the pieces devised by the latter have already become iconic. This is how we see in street style flower mules Princetown, declined to infinity, with or without fur, black, red, gold, with patches, patterns or united. Even an obsession for bags with an omnipresent Dionysus bag, also customizable.

Special mention for the new mini Gucci Ghost bag, with tag-inspired designs by New York street artist Gucci Ghost. Some even dare to wear the total Gucci look like Anna Dello Russo which sports a voluminous multi-colored dress or two influencers that appear in Gucci day pajamas printed. One thing is certain, Alessandro Michele has not finished making emulators and it is not his last phantasmagorical parade that will tell us otherwise. ”

Wait and see Gucci!